Card Slot Bars

In addition to basic stands, our shelf rails can also be mounted and anchored to flat surfaces as wall rails for mounting on walls, shelves.
The compartment strips or card shelves are offered in 1, 2 or 3 rows.
Each compartment strip has 2/3 screw hole strips.
For the basic stand choose at least the amount of sides one each.
For each compartment bar you will find the information for which card width and which basic stand they are suitable.
note the different types

- PFL product tray
- PKF -Postcard compartment strip A6
- GKF greeting card shelf C+B6
- L - long DIN compartment rails
- CD - CD/DVD tray strips
- SFL napkin racks
- DBS design floor stand
- LBE - perforated sheet elements
- ZSF - newspaper shelf
- MKE - Midi card corner strips

The specification of the compartment width tells you for which card width the element is suitable. (e.g. PKF-109 = 109 mm compartment width).
Measure the width of your setting product beforehand, regardless of whether it is in portrait or landscape format.
All products in this group of goods meet the status of sustainability and are environmentally friendly.